Elite Individuals
For Time:
8 Minute Time Cap
 15/12 Calories Ski Erg
30ft Handstand Walk 
*10ft Minimum*
170ft Shuttle Run
15/12 Calorie Ski Erg
40ft Handstand Walk
*10ft Minimum*
160ft Shuttle Run
15/12 Calorie Ski Erg
50ft Handstand Walk
*10ft Minimum*
150ft Shuttle Run
Finish Line

Event Description

Athletes will begin standing on their start mat. On the call of “3, 2, 1, GO!”, they will advance to their ski erg and begin accumulating calories. Once the athlete has completed the required calories on the ski erg, they will begin their Handstand walks. Once the athlete has travelled the required distance on the Handstand walk, they will complete their shuttle runs, then head back to the ski erg. Athletes will repeat this cycle for a total of four rounds. The event is complete when the athlete crosses the finish line or they reach the end of the time cap. The event score is the total time to complete the event or the time cap plus completed repetitions. Each completed 10-foot section on the handstand walk will count for one repetition.

Movement Standards

Ski Erg

  • Any dampener setting is allowed and can be adjusted throughout the event.

Single-Arm Dumbbell Carry

  • The dumbbell may be carried in any fashion as long as it is carried over the designated lines throughout the event.
  • The dumbbell cannot be dragged or thrown, it must be carried.
  • Every 25-foot increment is counted as one repetition.
  • If the dumbbell is dropped at any time, the athlete will receive a penalty of 5 reps removed from their score for EACH drop.

Handstand Walk

  • The athlete must start behind the start cone.
  • They must kick up into the handstand with both hands clearly behind the start cone (or 10-foot increment line).
  • Athletes must travel a minimum of 10-feet for the rep to count.
  • Both of the athlete’s hands must clearly pass the 10-foot cone marker.
  • If the athlete comes down before both their hands make contact on the ground after the cone, they must begin their next attempt from the beginning of that 10-foot section.
  • Each 10-foot section will be counted as 1 rep.

Single Arm Dumbbell Overhead Walking Lunge

  • The dumbbell must remain in the overhead position while lunging.
  • The dumbbell cannot come in contact with any other part of the body during the lunge.
  • The back knee must clearly make contact with the ground.
  • Stepping through the lunge is allowed as long as the movement requirements are met.
  • Full extension of the knee and hip is required at the top of each rep.
  • An unbroken section of 10-feet must be completed before setting the dumbbell down or switching arms.
  • If the dumbbell is dropped at any time, the athlete will receive a penalty of 5 reps removed from their score for EACH drop.

Dumbbell-Facing Burpees

  • The athlete must always be facing the burpees while performing the repetition.
  • At the bottom of the burpee, the chest and thighs must make contact with the ground.
  • The athlete’s head must be behind the dumbbell, not over top of it.
  • Intermediate athletes must perform a two-foot jump back and up for the burpee to count.
  • Intermediate athletes must also complete a two-foot take off when jumping over the dumbbell. Any type of landing is permitted.
  • Scaled athletes may choose to step down and step up their burpees.
  • Scaled athletes may also single-leg jump or step over the dumbbell. Any type of landing is permitted.
  • The repetition is counted when the athlete reaches the opposite side of the dumbbell.