• Maddison Drader – Elite Women
    Out of Optimum Performance Training in Calgary, Maddison is a threat for one of the podium spots in the elite women’s division. After a 5th place finish last year and a 3rd place in the online qualifier, she’s coming into this years CanWest games as one of the favourites to win it all. In her 3rd year as an individual at the CanWest Games, Maddison has worked on her running in her training and feels like it’s going to pay off come the end of July. She hasn’t tested any of the workouts yet, but is looking forward to all of them at CanWest.


  • Calvin Paul – Elite Men
    From Crossfit Regina in Saskatchewan, Calvin is a well known athlete to the CanWest Games as this is his third year competing as an individual. Last year he almost cracked into the top 5, finishing in 6th place. He’s well known for his capacity and his gymnastic skills but he says “I have focused on strength and becoming a more well rounded athlete so every workout is good for me”. If Calvin has improved and focused on his strength like he says he has, don’t be surprised to see him up there fighting for a podium spot this year. Going into the weekend, he says he’s looking forward to EndGame, Axle, and We the North.


  • Nicole Corriero – Elite Women
    Nicole will be a key women to look out for on the floor at CanWest this year. From Crossfit Metric in Toronto, she was just shy of podium last year by only 5 points. Coming back for her second year, Nicole said she’s worked on improving her gymnastics as those were the events that most likely held her off of the podium last year. She’s most looking forward to the Axle Event, and says it will be a “deep burn”, but enjoys short workouts like that.


  • Austin Evans – Elite Men
    Out of Opus Athletics in Whistler, this will be Austin’s second year competing as an elite individual as the CanWest Games. Last year he placed 23rd, however this year he WON the red suit challenge back in December to get an automatic invite to the Games and a pass through the online qualifier. Getting a qualifying spot straight from the Red Suit Challenge is why we didn’t see Austin in the online qualifier. He says he’s really focused on his strength and aerobic work this year to become a more well-rounded athlete. Going into CanWest, he’s looking at Triple Threat and the 1 rep max clean and jerk to be his favourite events.


  • Matthew Tennant – Elite Teen Boys 14-15
    From Port Coquitlam Crossfit, this will be Matthew’s second year competing at CanWest. Although, in previous years, he has volunteered so he is very familiar with the setting of competition. After an 8th place finish last year at CanWest, Matthew finished first in his age group in the online qualifier. Look for him to be grabbing that top spot on the podium for the 14-15 year old teens. He’s really focused on his recovery and quality of training throughout this year, and is most looking forward to the event “EndGame”.


  • Nick Tunzi – Elite Team of 4
    Nick has been to CanWest once as a teenager, but has decided to go as an elite team of 4 this year. From Fort to Fort Crossfit, Nick is no stranger to competition having competed at the CrossFit Games in 2018 as a teenager. In his training, Nick has focused on being a more well-rounded athlete, as he is already known for his heavy lifting. No surprise that Nick is looking forward to the 1 rep max hang clean event, and look for him to be throwing around some big weights.


  • Brandon Bufton – Elite Men
    From Lethbridge Alberta, this will be Brandon’s second year competing at CanWest after a very impressive 7th place finish at last years Games. This year, Brandon has continued to look impressive after finishing 8th in the online qualifier. He says during his training he’s been working on his gymnastics. He calls it, “Thicnastics” aka: large objects flying through the air. Brandon said he’s looking forward to the event “Axle” this year. A high power, short duration workout that looks like it will suit him very well.


  • Lainey Wilson – Elite Masters Women 35-39
    Lainey is looking to compete for a podium spot this year in the women’s 35-39 year old division. After a 5th place finish last year, Lainey is returning for her second year at the CanWest Games. From Endeavor Fitness in Invermere, Lainey has been working on her gymnastics skills in her training. She’s excited for the “Axle” event this year.


  • Nicholas Vandenbeld – Elite Men
    Out of Iron Regime Crossfit in Pitt Meadows, this will be Nic’s fourth year at the CanWest Games. After a 25th place finish at last years games, Nic has said he has worked on improving his aerobic capacity during his off season leading up to this years games. It looks like he’s improved quite a bit as he was 9th place overall in the online qualifier. Nic is looking forward to the “Suns out Guns out” event at the Games, which is the 1 rep max hang snatch on Day 3.


  • Jordan Adcock – Elite Women
    Also from Optimum Performance Training in Calgary, Jordan is coming into her first year at CanWest as the top placing female from the online qualifier. She has an impressive resume with previous regional appearances (recently the last one, RIP regionals). Jordan has been working on her weaknesses with her coach Michael Fitzgerald this off-season, as well as keeping her mental game in check during competition. She’s really excited for Triple Threat on Day 1, as she loves grinding through gymnastics under fatigue.
  • Mackenzie Curran – Elite Men
    From Crossfit Fort Vancouver in Washington, this will be Mackenzie’s first year competing at the CanWest Games. Look for him to make a big splash this year as he finished second overall in the elite men online qualifier. Mackenzie said, “I’ve been focusing on getting back to where I was a few years back. A knee injury sidelined me so I am excited to be back on the competition floor as an individual.” Mackenzie is a former Crossfit Regionals competing as an individual in 2014 in the North West Regionals. He’s excited for Event 1 (RIP) and the two lifting events.


  • Taylor Hall – Scaled Women
    Out of Port Coquitlam Crossfit, this will be Taylor’s first year competing at the CanWest Games. Taylor comments on what she has been focusing on in her training: “I’ve really been focusing on staying consistent and working to get a little bit better everyday. I worked with my coaches to identify some weaknesses, then focused on those leading up to CanWest. Consistency hasn’t always been my strong suit!” Sounds like Taylor is doing the right things leading into competition. She can’t deny that the 1-rep max events (Going Heavy and Suns Out Guns Out) will be her strongest events, but she’s actually most looking forward to Endgame. Taylor said she’s worked so hard on her gymnastics skills in recent months and is excited to get the chance to test them in competition.


  • Terrance Limbert – Elite Men
    From Forge Valley Fitness in the Okanagan, Terrance is a very familiar face at the CanWest Games as this will be his fourth year competing. Terrance is the only returning competitor that made the podium last year, finishing the weekend in 3rd place. During his training, he says he hasn’t focused on anything in particular, but if there’s one thing it’s his gymnastics efficiency in workouts. He’s excited for Triple Threat, and says it looks like a lot of fun.


  • Katie Hoekstra – Elite Teen Girls 16-17
    Out of BodyShop Training Center in West Kelowna, this is Katie’s second year competing at CanWest. After a 13th place finish last year, Katie has been taking the long game approach into her training as she quotes, “One thing I’ve been really focusing on is my ability to welcome any situation and know that I can get through the workout. Also with my training, is allowing the results of my work to take time”. Katie is looking forward to EndGame, as she has been working on her handstand pushups and is excited to put her training to the test!


  • Torre Undseth – Elite Teen Boys 16-17
    From Crossfit Okanagan in Kelowna, Torre is the top qualifier finisher from the 16-17 year old division. It’s his first year at CanWest, as last year before the qualifier he tore three parts of his shoulder and could not recover in time for the event. Going into canwest, Torre says he’s been “focusing heavily on my engine and efficiency in movements”. He’s looking forward to EndGame as it’s all the skills he’s confident in and has training quite a bit in prior months leading up to the competition.


  • Maryam – Elite Masters Women 35-39
    Maryam has quite the unique story for herself. She is representing her country of Iran and is the first Iranian women to compete in the competition! She’s coming into CanWest very excited to not only represent herself, but her country as well. Mayam is looking forward to all of the events in her first competition in Canada!


  • Renee-Claude Rioux – Elite Women
    This will be Renee’s first year competing at CanWest, but is very used to being on the competition floor. She quotes “I’ve been wanting to go for the past 3 years, but there was always something in the way!”. Renee is a former regionals competitor, having competed in 2016 at the West Regional. Renee comments on what she has been working on this off-season leading up the CanWest. “I’ve definitely been working on strength and weightlifting! It has always been a huge weakness of mine, as I am a smaller athlete. I did one year of dedicated strength and weightlifting work, and I can really see good improvement compared to last year.” Without hesitation, Renee said she’s looking forward to Triple Threat the most out of all the events.