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What is The Mobility MVMNT?

My name is Crystal Derry, the creator of Mobility MVMNT. My goal is to empower you with all the tools necessary for increasing flexibility, improving movement, reducing pain, preventing injury and most importantly improving quality of life. Mobility MVMNT is unique, easy to follow and can be used any time and anywhere.
I received my Kinesiology Degree from the University of Saskatchewan, where I majored in Exercise Physiology with a minor in Sports Psychology. My passion has driven my education further receiving accreditation in Functional Movement Screening (FMS) and Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST). I have received designations as a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga instructor (RYT 200), NCCP level 1 weightlifting coach, and CSEP Certified Personal Trainer.
Utilizing my education and experience, Mobility MVMNT offers you a unique and complete mobility platform. MVMNT utilizes a variety of modalities and principles that get you the best results in the least amount of time. You need proper programming to obtain your mobility goals and for proper movement patterns. “Just stretching” is not enough when you want to perform at your best. It is important to follow a proper mobility method and that is what you will find at Mobility MVMNT. I regularly work with clients to improve their mobility and movement patterns allowing them to move faster, with more weight and with greater efficiency. Now you can have that in the comfort of your own home or just before/after your WOD.

Lift Heavy. Recover Fast.
– Crystal Derry

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What is RX Recovery?

At Rx Recovery we promote natural athletic focus, performance and recovery by incorporating Hemp and other natural ingredients into our products. We are a local Vancouver based team producing natural, vegan, Hemp based products and we believe these products will be a great addition to your daily routine.
Adding CBD to your everyday routine may help increase focus, enhance performance and speed up recovery by supporting one of your body’s major self-regulating networks. When legalization in Canada presents opportunity for Rx Recovery to offer you Rx Recovery CBD products, we want you to be first in line. Please be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to receive information about promotions, new products and educational materials on our Hemp and CBD products.
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