2018 Individual Qualifier Begins

Week #1 of the 2018 CanWest Games INDIVIDUAL Qualifier has begun! Are you as excited as we are!? It going to be EPIC! If you haven’t registered yet, there is no time like the present: REGISTER NOW

Have you seen the workouts? If not, your in for a fitness treat!

Event #1 is a test of speed and power. Don’t be fooled by the 20 second window. If you take a long time setting up for your lifts, throw that out the window and just go for it! The 20 seconds creeps up FAST.

3 Attempts:

2 Rep Max Clean and Jerk

*20 sec time limit for each attempt
*Start from a prone position

6 min time cap

Event #2 is mixed modal work with a higher skill test. Those with strong gymnastic abilities can push the pace and make this a high skill aerobic test.

Complete for time:

75’ DB Front rack walking lunge 50/35 (15 points)
100 Double unders
30 Pull ups
30 Handstand push ups
50’ DB Front rack walking lunge 50/35 (10 points)
75 Double unders
20 Pull ups
20 Handstand push ups
25’ DB Front rack walking lunge 50/35 (5 points)
50 Double unders
10 Pull ups
10 Handstand push ups

15 min time cap

Did we get your attention? If so, you can check out full event details here, including variations for Masters 50+ & Teens:
2018 Individual Qualifier Events

If these workouts have you excited to do competitive fitness and you haven’t committed yet, you can REGISTER now!

There are many different ways to crack an egg. Each of you will find the best strategy that fits your ability. To help you, Michele Letendre has completed the workouts and put together some of her tips and tricks to help you get the best result from this weekends test!

psssttt, if you didn’t know, Michele Letendre is a 6x Individual CrossFit Games Athelete and definitely knows how to crack an egg. Just sayin!