Deanna is an Athlete from Vernon, BC. Along with her husband Jeremy, they own and operate CrossFit Vernon where she spends her days training and coaching. During the online 2018 CanWest Games qualifier, Deanna had two 1st place event finishes which secured her 3rd place overall. Deanna’s impressive finish paved the way for her return to the CanWest Games this summer in Coquitlam.

We had some time to catch up with Deanna between coaching sessions. It was great to get to know her a little better and figure out what fuels her passion for the sport.

1) Why did you decide to choose functional fitness?

I played sports growing up and competed in many of those sports. As an adult I found it difficult to find the same intensity. I would go to drop in volleyball leagues and fun sports teams but it wasn’t the same. I had a friend, Christy, who suggested CrossFit because she knew I would love it and she was right!

2) How long have you been involved in the sport?

I started in January of 2012 which seems like a life time ago now!

3) Do you have any major accomplishments throughout your functional fitness career?

After a year of CrossFit, I went to Regionals on a team, after that I qualified and competed for four years as an individual.

In 2015, I went to my first power lifting competition and won. They sent me to Worlds on “Team Canada”. At Worlds, I won my weight class and best overall lifter. That was one of my proudest moments.

Amazing! Congratulations on your success!

4) How has functional fitness impacted your life?

CrossFit has completely changed my life path. My plan was to teach high school and I did for a short time but I was drawn to CrossFit. I started by helping Jeremy run the business and coach. I feel really lucky to have found something I am so passionate about and that makes me feel so good about myself.

It’s also an environment where people support one another and build each other up. This is not always easy to find! I love the positive environment and inspiring atmosphere of a CrossFit gym.

5) How many times have you competed at the CanWest Games?

This will be my second year competing at the CanWest Games.

6) What sets the CanWest Games apart from other competitions you’ve been in?

The Can West Games are completely different than any competition I’ve ever done. I haven’t done a lot of competitions because we were always busy running the business and making it to Regionals… but this is definitely a unique competition. This was the first competition I’ve done where the setting was outdoors. The whole weekend was amazing and the events were fun.

7) Are you focusing on any specifics while training this year, tackling any weaknesses?

I’m just having fun training right now. The business is keeping us busy but I have been working in more low intensity cardio to improve my aerobic capacity and I’m going to start sharpening my gymnastics skills. I didn’t have any former gymnastics training so that’s always been a weaker aspect of my CrossFit game but it’s come along way over the years.

8) What element are you hoping to see at the CanWest Games?
Duh. Heavy weights. 😉

9) What is the goal for competing at the CanWest Games this year?

My goal with any competition is the same: Have fun training. Put the work in. And do my best on game day. All you can ever do is your best.

10) Any tips for new athletes just starting out with functional fitness?

Enjoy the process and remember to celebrate every single victory.

11) What is your goal for the future?

My goal is to continue to improve and to do CrossFit forever.

12) What do you like to do when you aren’t training or competing?

I love to coach, run the business. Outside of the gym, I like to hike or mountain bike with my dogs and my husband.

You can keep up with Deanna on Facebook or Instagram!

It was great to catch up with you Deanna! Happy training and we will see you this summer!