Keep my registration fee with CanWest and keep my qualifying spot:

If you choose this option, your registration for the 2020 CanWest Championship will automatically
transfer to the 2021 event, no qualification necessary.


What is the benefit to leaving my registration with CanWest?

If you choose to leave your registration with CanWest, you will be automatically qualified for the 2021
Main Event. You will not be required to redo a qualifier.
As well, you will have the first option to access spots in a different division, should you choose to take
Example: I registered and qualified in the Intermediate Individual Men Division, but I feel that I can now
compete in the RX Men division and would like to give it a try. In this example, spots depending, you
would get the choice to automatically move into the RX division, no qualification necessary.


Withdraw but leave your funds with CanWest:

Any consideration for leaving your funds with us is greatly appreciated. Any funds left with CanWest,
goes directly back into the competition.


Find an Athlete Replacement Yourself:

If you find an Athlete to replace you, please email support@canwestgames.com with the following

Full Name of Replacement
Email of Replacement
Emergency Contact of Replacement
Phone Number of Replacement
T-shirt Size of Replacement

Please expect 48-72 hours for us to confirm the replacement has been processed 🙂

**Deadline March 1, 2021**


Refund Options:

If you cannot make the 2021 event, but you would like a refund, there are two options available to you.
HOWEVER, we are sincerely hoping you will strongly consider the delayed refund, and here is WHY:
If more then 3 in 10 athletes request a refund, CanWest will go bankrupt. The delayed refund option
gives us the ability to stretch out refunds. It gives us time to replace the funds before paying them out.

1) DELAYED REFUND: In December, an email will be sent to all athletes confirming their intent to
compete at the 2021 CanWest Championship. Any Athlete who cannot attend the event will fill out a
withdraw form. The window to fill out the withdraw form with the option of receiving a refund is from
December 1-31, 2020. If we do not receive a withdraw form, this is an understanding that
you will be competing in 2021 and your registration will automatically transfer.

How does the delayed refund option work?

On December 1st, an email will be sent to all Athletes, confirming their registration. If an athlete has
decided not to attend the 2021 CanWest event, the athlete will choose the withdraw option within the
email and fill out the withdraw form. If the athlete selects “withdraw with refund,” we will put their spot
in que.

In January, qualification for all available spots will begin, and will close by February 15, 2021. Once the
qualification process has closed, all 2020 Athletes who selected “withdraw with refund” will receive
their refund.

** Note: The window to fill out the withdraw form with the option of receiving a refund is from
December 1-31, 2020. **

*More information to come in future emails.*


2) IMMEDIATE REFUND: You may request an immediate refund from May 9–19, 2020. However, if
you can wait, we sincerely ask that you choose the delayed refund option.


** Both refund options will be minus 15% due to processing fees from Stripe & Competition Corner – we did not
collect these fees, as they were collected directly by Stripe and Competition Corner when you paid your initial
fee. Please note, these companies are not willing to refund the fee**

If you choose the immediate refund, please email support@canwestgames.com. Please be patient as it may take us 7-10
days to field through the emails and process refunds.