Meet Individual Masters CanWest Games athlete, Lisa Dika, from Edmonton, Alberta (Forged By Fire CrossFit). Dika has been training in the sport of functional fitness for over 8 years and she feels more fit now than ever. This year will be her third year doing the Qualifier. Watching Lisa the past few years has been fun, she is an athlete that when she gets out on the field, there is nothing other then sheer determination. She has ridiculous grip strength and when she holds on, she doesn’t let go.

We had the pleasure of chatting with her and found out what fuels her passion for functional fitness, how the sport has impacted her life, what sets the CanWest Games apart from other competitions, and wise advice for those just starting out in the sport.

1)Why did you decide to choose functional fitness as your competitive sport?

I enjoy the mental and physical challenges of being an athlete in this sport, there is always something to work on and I’m ‘slightly’ competitive.

2)How long have you been involved in the sport?

8+ yrs… I actually stopped counting, it’s been that long.

3)Do you have any accomplishments throughout your functional fitness career?

Regional Qualifier (way back when)
3rd in 2017 at CanWest Games in Masters 35-39 category
Top 100 finish overall in Canada West 2017 & 2018 CrossFit Open
Congrats! Those are incredible accomplishments.

4)How has functional fitness impacted your life?

I am more fit in my 30’s than I was in my 20’s. It builds resilience for all of the challenges in everyday life.

5)How many times have you competed at the CanWest Games?

Two years. In 2016 I was an athlete on an elite team of 4 (2 male, 2 female); 2017 as an individual athlete in the masters 35-39 category. And I will be trying to qualify this year as an individual athlete again.

That’s incredible.

6)What sets the CanWest Games apart from other competitions you’ve competed at?

The venue; to be able to compete outdoors is pretty unreal.

7)Are you focusing on any specifics while training this year? Tackling any weaknesses?

Muscle Ups for sure. I can do them but I am constantly working to improve my technique. Also, continually working on overall movement efficiency as well as moving pain free. (laughs)

8)What element/movement are you hoping to see at the CanWest Games?

Wall balls or SDHP’s. A 20 minute AMRAP would be nice.

9)What is the goal of competing at the 2018 CanWest Games?

I want a podium finish. And to beat Kurtis Steadman. (*Please print this. Lol!)

10)Any tips for new athletes just starting out with functional fitness?

Be patient and enjoy the process.

11)What do you like to do when you aren’t training or competing?

Spend time at the lake!

Watch out CanWest Games, Lisa is determined and she is hungry.
Best of luck with the qualifier this year, Lisa! We hope to see you with the podium finish you’re training hard for.