Win a $5000 Gorila Fitness GC and More - CanWest Games

Want $5000 worth of new gym equipment for your gym?

The CanWest Games, along with our partners, are giving away incredible prizes to the largest Tribes!

What kind of prizes?

  • 2x Competition Barbells from Gorila Fitness ($675 Value) – April 1st Giveaway
  • 1x L1 Certification from OPEX Fitness + a 50% off code for a second coach ($7500 Value) – April 16th Giveaway
  • 1x $5000 Gift Certificate from Gorila Fitness* ($5000 Value) – May 9th Giveaway

How does it work?

Simple, any Tribe with 25 or more athletes registered for the CanWest Games Online Qualifiers will be entered into a random draw to win. Encourage your friends and athletes to register under your Tribe as soon as possible.

25 or more athletes must be registered under your Tribe, before each draw date, in order to be eligible to win.

Who can join your Tribe?

Everyone and anyone! Athletes in all categories are eligible to join their Tribe, including Masters, Scaled and Teens.

Critical Dates:

April 1st:

We give away 2x Barbells.

April 16th:

We give away 1x L1 Cert from OPEX Fitness.

May 9th:

We give away a $5000** GC from Gorila Fitness

Grow your Tribe!

Get everyone in your box to register today.


Can anyone join my Tribe from any gym?


What if someone joined but forgot to select our Tribe as their team?

Please contact and they will fix this for you.

What if our Tribe wins the first prize, can we still win the second?

Yes, Tribes that win the earlier giveaways will still be entered in the final giveaways and could possibly win all three prizes.

Does my Tribe team have to compete in order to win? 

No, your Tribe Team’s ranking in the online qualifiers has nothing to do with winning these prizes. All Tribes with 25 or more athletes registered are automatically entered into the prize draws.

How can I find out how many athletes are registered under my Tribe?

We will be updating this information and sending it out in our weekly newsletter. If you are looking for a current update please contact

* The following equipment is not eligible for the Gorila Fitness Gift Certificate:

  • Form lifting collars
  • Regupol flooring
  • York GHD
  • Dumbbells
  • Rage medballs
  • Concept 2 rower / skierg
  • Trueform Runners
  • Hi trainer Treadmills

**No cash value. Cannot be redeemed for cash.

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