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CanWest Games is committed to offering the best experience to Athletes and Affiliate owners. We take pride in our relationships with vendors and sponsors. Bringing TYDAX Fitness (the best fitness equipment Canada has to offer) onboard as a partner for the 2018 CanWest Games was an easy decision. TYDAX is committed to helping us give our athletes and affiliate owners the best competition experience to date. This year, in collaboration with TYDAX owner, Chad, we decided to change up the affiliate prize. This year it is about family and community. We all know the spirit of family and community in the Functional Fitness world. As an affiliate owner, you spend a significant amount of time developing yours. Well, this year, we want to get to know your community. Introduce us to your Fitness Family and you could win…. 

1)What is this about?

Your gym could WIN $5,000 in brand new TYDAX Fitness Gear! Do you want to equip your gym with the best strength and conditioning equipment Canada has to offer? Who wouldn’t right? We all know that winning this incredible prize would do wonders for your gym. It isn’t easy as a business owner to just come up with $5000 to purchase new gear. This opportunity is here for the taking. Grab your cameras, get your community together and film introducing us to your community. What sets you apart? What does community mean for your crew?

 2)How to Enter:

Affiliate Owners, registered athletes! Get your community together and create a short video showing us why YOU deserve this prize! The video does not have to be a fancy edited video. Use your phone, grab a camera, it doesn’t matter to us. What matters is the message in the video.

3) How to Win:

Post your video on Facebook, tag @CanWestGames and @TYDAXFitness. The BEST video with the most engagement (likes/comments/shares) wins! Contest closes July 23rd.

Its that SIMPLE!!

Check TYDAX out here: www.tydax.com

If you haven’t registered for the CanWest Games Qualifier yet you can do so here: REGISTER


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