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This is your Game Day

As a child or teenager, it’s quite likely that you got to experience the difference between a “Practice Session” versus a “Game Day”. Perhaps you played soccer, or baseball, or hockey, or perhaps it was skiing, or wakeboarding, or BMX racing. Regardless of the sport, many of us can relate to the psychological and physiological benefits of having an attainable “Game Day” ahead of us.

In general, humans are competitive by nature, we love the experience of “Game Day” and it’s associated benefits. A game day provides the motivation to improve and the incentive to train with conviction and purpose. It provides the ultimate enjoyment of our sport, increased social interaction, and an enhanced positive self-image.

And that’s the primary reason why we started the CanWest Games in the first place! To share this gift, with all the athletes of the North West, not just the elites, and provide a professional game day experience to all.

Starting with the Online Qualifiers on May 4th, athletes will get to experience 5 weeks of friendly competition, followed by a “Games Day” weekend in late July for those that advance.

But what if I lose or don’t advance?

“There is no such thing as losing… there is win or learn.”

Obviously, winning enhances enjoyment and adds a sense of fulfillment to the game experience. But, when dealt with appropriately, losses can be viewed as valuable learning experiences, enhance our character, and better prepare us for the inevitable catastrophes that take place throughout our lives.

Don’t let the fear of losing stunt your growth in life. Shape a perspective of “I cannot lose, I can only win or learn.”

Is this really for me?

Yes! As of today, we’ve had over 1250 athletes register for The CanWest Qualifiers. Of those athletes, 60% of them are in the scaled, masters, or teens divisions, with only 40% in our RX division. The professionals at OPEX Education and Coaching have methodically designed the programming to ensure the ultimate experience for all levels of athlete. And yes, you are an athlete! We strongly believe we all have an inner athlete inside of us, just waiting to be unleashed. Often all it takes is a commitment to do so.

In order to provide the best experience for everyone, The Online Qualifiers are set in place to help provide a level playing field for all that are attending. You’ll be competing against peers of a similar caliber, in a division that’s appropriate for you.

Thanks for all the support!

We are seeing a ton athletes support our vision throughout the North West. We’ve had Emily Abbott and Brent Fikowski voice their thoughts on our Games and encourage others to get on board. We’ve seen hundreds of athletes partake in our #unbroken challenges and post their best attempts. And we have over 100 Affiliates partaking with 150 Tribe teams registered!

What do you really have to lose?

So go ahead, register now and become part of our rapidly growing community! What do you really have to lose? $20 or so?

Think about what you really are risking. If you don’t register now you’ll only ensure one thing, that you’ll save roughly $20; however, if you decide to register today, you’ll ensure motivation to improve and be the best you, you’ll ensure that you train with more conviction and passion, you’ll ensure that you further connect and increase your social interaction with your fitness community,  and you’ll ensure a chance to improve your character and self-image regardless of outcome.

I think it’s safe to say it’s well worth the risk!

Sign up today!

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