Qualifier 17.1 Announced - CanWest Games

Qualifier 17.1 Announced

The 2017 CanWest Games Qualifiers start now!

  1. Where are the Workouts?
  2. How do I submit my results?
  3. Do I need to submit a video?
  4. When do I need to have the results submitted by?
  5. Uh Oh! As RX is a little spicier than anticipated? Can I switch to Scaled? What if I complete a WOD AS RX, but decide to switch as the Qualifiers proceed?
  6. When I attempt to log my score it says I’m “Inactive”
  7. How are Tribe Scores calculated?
  8. I’m registered in one of the following categories: Masters 45-49, Masters 50-54, Masters 55+, Teens, Scaled. Will my results be eligible to contribute to the Tribe Score?
  9. Some people at my gym, who have been living under a rock, saw us doing the Qualifiers. Can they still register?
  10. Where do I find the Leaderboards?
  11. What about the draw for the $5000 worth of Gorila Equipment?
  12. For The CanWest Games in July, is it possible for people that completed the Qualifiers As RX to form a team with athletes who competed as Scaled? Do we all have to be from the same Age Category?

1./ You will find the Workout Description, Judge’s Scorecards and RX Video feat. Emily Abbott right here:

2017 CanWest Games Qualifier Workouts

2./ I have completed the Workout. How do I submit my results? Please note, in Week #1 As RX, Masters 35-39, Masters 40-44 will have 3 data points to submit. Masters 45-49, Masters 50-54 and Masters 55+ have 2 data points to submit.

  1. Login to your CanWest Games Account (powered by Conquest)
  2. Select the Event: The CanWest Games Qualifiers
  3. Go to: ACTIVITIES
  4. Select that part of the WOD you wish to track (Remember it’s multiple data points this week)
  5. Enter your score and hit Save.
  6. Get in a cool-down and wait for the results to come in.

3./ Do I need to submit a video? Athletes in: As RX, Masters 35-39, Masters 40-44, Masters 45-49, who feel they will rank in the top 20 are advised to submit a video. Video submission guidelines are provided at Scoring Instructions.

4./ When do I need to have the results submitted by? On week one you must have your results submitted by Monday May 8th at 5PM PST.

5./ As RX looks like it’s going to be a little tougher than I thought? What are my options? Not a problem. Please email support@sweatworks.com and request the change to “Scaled”. If you complete Week #1 AS RX, then decide to switch to Scaled in the future, you will have to take a zero on your Week #1 score.

6./ When I attempt to submit your score I am told I am “Inactive”. No worries. It simply means you have not completed your Registration. If this is the case, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into your account: https://conquest.sweatworks.net/login
  2. Look for The CanWest Games on the events’ list.
  3. Go to the Register tab.
  4. Select the checkout option (you can go back to the registration form if you need to make any changes).
  5. Complete the form with your credit card information.
  6. If you do not wish to use a credit card, please reply to this email to use an alternate method. (PayPal or Email Transfer).

7./ How are Tribe Scores calculated? We will take the top 2 female and male scores in the tribe to calculate the overall Tribe Score. The categories eligible for Tribe scores are: As RX, Masters 35-39, Masters 40-44.

8./ I’m a Masters registered in Masters 45-49, Masters 50-4, Masters 55+ (or a teen). I know that I’m a key component to contributing to the Tribe score. What do I do? You will have to switch your registration from your Masters Category to As RX and complete the workout As RX. If this describes you, please email support@sweatworks.com and request the change.

9./ How late can people register for the Qualifiers? Athletes can register as late as Monday May 8th 5:00PM PST. They’d better have their WOD done by then too 😉

10./ Where are the Leaderboards? You have two options:

  1. Online : The CanWest Games Qualifier Leaderboards
  2. The Conquest App
    1. iOS
    2. Android

11./  Is there still time to get our Tribe numbers up to 25 to be eligible for the draw on Monday May 9thYes! There’s still time to build up your Tribe to 25 athletes or more and be entered into the draw to win. Tribe leaders will have until 5pm, on May 9th to encourage their athletes and friends to get involved. The odds of winning are still fantastic with only 11 affiliates eligible at the time of this writing. Push those procrastinators over the fence and encourage them to sign up today.

12./ For the upcoming CanWest Games in July, is it possible for people that completed the Qualifiers As RX to form a team with athletes who competed as Scaled or the different Masters Divisions? The simple answer is yes. In all cases, we will examine the Teams that form to ensure that a higher-ranked athlete does not appear on an Intermediate or Scaled team where they clearly should not be. The opposite would be allowed if a well performing Scaled athlete wishes to join a Team RX or Team Intermediate division (In fact we’ll urge stronger Scaled and Masters athletes to step it up). The Team Intermediate Division was designed to accommodate that “In Between” athlete. No longer a Scaled Athlete, but not yet a Firebreather.
We wish you the best of luck in the Qualifiers. We hope you have a great time with your Tribe!



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