Progression Not Pain Programming the OPEX Fitness Way - CanWest Games

Progression not Pain - Programming the OPEX Fitness Way

In fitness, as in life, challenges are an important part of growing and developing. The more we test our limits and capabilities, the more we learn about ourselves. At OPEX Fitness we believe challenges are opportunities and it’s with this squarely in mind that we’ve programmed the CanWest Games.

If you’re participating in the Online Qualifiers know each workout is designed with steady progression in mind. Across the five weeks, we’ll be rotating through the key functional fitness movements, playing with ascending intensity and, touching all three energy systems. The intention is to uncover well-rounded athletes that will perform well at the Games. If it exposes weaknesses, and it will, these should serve as helpful pointers for improvement as you go forward in your fitness journey.

For those dipping their toes into the sport of fitness with the Unbroken Challenge: the notion of positive and constructive challenge is still front and center. As coaches, we slip unbroken challenges into workouts to push clients out of their comfort zones. More often than not, clients rise to the challenge and far exceed their fitness expectations. Be sure to knock your speed back as you approach the challenges and we know you’ll do the same.

The CanWest Games should test your physical and mental mettle, but it shouldn’t be a trip to the pain cave. We hope you enjoy the Online Qualifiers and Unbroken Challenges and learn all you can from them to progress your fitness.

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