History of the Canwest Games

The CanWest Games has quite a story. A story of entrepreneurship and absolute passion for the sport. The CanWest Games got it’s start in 2013. Back then it was called “PentathaWOD”.

The premise was this: A 2-Day event. The first day was a regular Functional Fitness event held at Rocky Point CrossFit. The second day was at Percy Perry Stadium. The events at Percy Perry Stadium were actual track and field events: Long Jump, Javelin, Discus, Steeplechase, Shotput. The day would be wrapped up with an event that combined functional fitness with track and field. For example, the final event of the last year of PentathaWOD was called “Steeple Helen”. 3 Rounds of regular Helen, but the 400M run had all the Steeplechase obstacles, including the plunge into a water hazard. Every year was a sellout and valuable experience was gained.

Meanwhile, in St. Albert, Alberta an event titled ‘Fight of the Fittest’ was born. The team behind this competition built a very strong reputation, very fast. They became known for hosting well run, grand stage, functional fitness events.  Over a two year period of time CanWest and Fight of the Fittest were developing independent of each other. Both becoming major events in Canada West, both wanting to make a mark in Canada.

After the 2017 year of  The CanWest Games, the current event directors decided to move on to pursue their true passion for integrative health. The Fight of the Fittest team eagerly stepped in to take over The CanWest Games. .

Our goal is to provide a valuable competition experience for all athletes, regardless of their fitness level. A place to have fun, challenge their current fitness level but more important, an avenue to test their self-confidence and develop courage, determination and spirit.

Welcome to the CanWest Games.