Frequently Asked Registration Questions

Do I have to participate in the CanWest Games Qualifier to compete on-site?

  • Yes. ALL athletes must participate in the CanWest Games Online Qualifier to compete at The CanWest Games.
  • Athletes wanting to compete as an individual in the Elite, and Masters Divisions or on a  Trio Team must participate in the CanWest Games Online Qualifier in order to qualify for a spot in one of those divisions.
  • Athletes wishing to compete in the Invitational Teams of 3 Divisions (Rx, Intermediate, or Scaled) must have all 3 team members complete the Qualifier.

I can no longer compete. Can I get a refund?

Sorry. There is a no refund policy.

What is the minimum age to compete in the Online Qualifier?

Athletes must be 14 years of age and must have a parent or guardian consent to complete in the Online Qualifiers or at the CanWest Games

How do I know if I should register as Scaled?

The programming for our Scaled Athletes will be right in line with what you experienced during The CrossFit Games Opens Scaled WODs. 

  • Pullups = Jumping Pull-ups
  • Toes2Bar = hanging Knee Raises
  • Double Unders = Single Unders
  • Weights on the lifts will be consistent with Opens Scaled Standards

How exactly does the Invitational Elite and Intermediate Teams get decided?

You will be competing against other teams registered in your category to secure your place in the CanWest Games. If you do not qualify for your division, you will get an invite to the division below the division in which you were registered once that division’s invites have gone out and the time domain for response has passed.
Trio Elite Team did not Qualify.
Intermediate Trio Invites have gone out and all responses have been received. There are still 3 spots available.
Trio Elite Team get invite to compete at the intermediate level of the CanWest Games.

What sort of workouts can the Master’s Divisions expect?

Masters in the 35-39 age division can expect the same loads and volume as all the other individuals. Masters in the 50+ age group will enjoy a slightly scaled version of the regular Online Qualifier Workout as well as slightly scaled Workouts at the CrossFit Games.

The CanWest Games Event Questions

Where can I book a hotel?

The CanWest Games official host hotel information can be found here.

Where can I buy spectator tickets?

Spectators will be able to purchase tickets online or at the door.

Online ticket sales will be announced in the near future.

Do children receive free admission?

Children 12 and younger are free with an adult general admission.

Frequently Asked Online Qualifier Questions

Do I have to submit a video?

We’ll be requesting a random video from the top 20 ranking men and women. If you feel you have a chance to be in the top, get your cameras ready.

What are the Video Submission Guidelines?

For detailed submission guidelines, please refer to the CanWest Games Rulebook. In a nutshell you need to provide the following:

  • Identify yourself with your full name and Trio (if applicable)
  • Identify the workout you are completing.
  • Verify the correct weights, bar, measurements etc as required by the workout
  • Position the camera to ensure unhindered view of athletes’s full range of movement
  • Ensure a time clock in frame is visible (unless a judge is present, in which case the time clock is optional. )
  • The video must be continuous. No editing is permitted

Check out this link for further video submission details: Click Here

How do I submit a video?

  1. Create a YouTube ( or Vimeo ( join) account. Use only these two methods of video submission.
  2. Title your video with the workout number, and your name. Enter the workout and your time / reps in the description.
  3. Once you have successfully uploaded your video, follow the instructions for submitting a video link into our scoring system, as well as enter your score into the scoring system.

How do I submit my Online Qualifier result?

You have until the Monday 7:00PM MST to submit your result for that week’s workout.

Scores can be submitted here.

I screwed up. How do I correct an incorrect score submission?

Resubmit your score. The previous result will be overwritten.

How is the Trio Score calculated?

A Trio Team score is calculated by taking all 3 athletes score and adding them together.

I don't see an option to submit my score?

There’s a couple reasons why you would not see the “Submit Score” option:

Here are the system rules:

  • The “Submit Score” option only appears when a workout is active and has not passed the deadline.
  • If you’re on a Team, only the Team captain (the person that registered) will see the “Submit Score” option

If the above are true and you still don’t see the submit option:

  • Make sure you’re signed in with the same email account you used to register, check your original registration confirmation email.
  • You may have signed up unknowingly with a typo in your email address. In that case contact us using the chat option and we’ll get you squared away.

I forgot my Competition Corner Password! Help!

If you need to reset your account and/or your password.  Click on the button below and enter the email address you used to register.

Still have questions? Send us an email!