Catching Up With Mark Hilts - 2016 Masters Men 50+ Division Champ - CanWest Games

Catching Up With Mark Hilts – 2016 Masters Men 50+ Division Champ

T: Hey Mark how are you doing?
M: I am fantastic, hope we have gotcha you at a good time?

T: Well I got a couple here for you, preliminaries: What gym do you train out of?
M: Body Shop Training Centre in Kelowna BC.

T: How’d things going with the Opens?
M: I was 10th in Western Canada.
T: Terrific!
M: And a couple of them weren’t really in my wheelhouse. Muscle ups, I had a bit of a shoulder thing.
T: How did you rank worldwide? Top 200?
M: Not quite. Next Year.

T: Did you do the Okanagan Valley Throwdown back in January?
M: I didn’t do it this year, I backed out because of my shoulder
T: Ohhhh…
M: My physio guy suggested that I back out and finish and give my shoulder some rest, so I don’t finish unhappy and with a sore shoulder for the Open

T: Alright, you did Canwest Games last year in 2016, you won the Masters 50+ Division. Now can you remember, did you run away with it or did you have some stiff competition?
M: I did run away. There was one guy, he beat me in the row. There were some really good guys and we became good friends

T: Thinking back on those games, what was your favourite workout when we’re at the stadium
M: I kinda liked that sled push one. I liked that carry back and forth, the sandbag, rope climb. I’ve not done anything like that back and forth. I was able to pace it and really kill it

T: What did you think of the Canwest Games as a whole?
M: I really loved it. Just the atmosphere, all the guys had fun. Guys finishing a WOD last and we’re all sitting there cheering them on

T: What would be the perfect workout for you?
M: Something with shoulder presses, toes to bar, pull-ups, stuff like that
T: Alright, a long one or is there a short one?
M: I seem to be good at long ones
T: OK, so…
M: 20 minutes, that seems to be in my wheelhouse, keep my pace up
T: So what’s the last thing you want to see in a workout?
M: Handstand push ups, Muscle ups
T: Yup, OK, good answer

T: I’ve notice the masters demographic grows and grows and grows lately, it doubled this year, do you have an idea why it is?
M: Awesome. Everybody has retired from sports, or retiring, and has found something new that they can do. This plays a big part in my life to manage stress and channel my energy.

T: Why should people do the CanWest Games?
M: I do it cause it was fun and it’s outdoors and community. All the people, it was just awesome.
Probably the closest to Crossfit Games that I’ll get.
T: Thank you, that’s what we are trying to do, we’re trying to bring as much value as we can.

T: Alright, one last question…are you going to win the CanWest Games again this year?
M: Yup
T: Alright brother, thank you so much for your time Mark

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