CanWest Games Qualifier Registration 101 - CanWest Games

CanWest Games Qualifier Registration 101

The CanWest Games is a unique 3-day competition that goes to great pains to ensure that athletes of similar abilities are competing in the same category.

Our aim from Day 1 was to make sure that this was not a competition for those who could register the quickest. You have to earn your place.

Which is why the registration system can get a little confusing. Let’s start off with an infographic to help clear things up!

A few other notes:

  • The Elite Tribe Team that is sent to the CanWest Games will be comprised of 2 Men and 2 Women. These will be of the Tribe’s choosing.
  • If you get selected to by your Tribe to represent the Tribe, you cannot compete in any other category.
  • During the Qualifiers, the top 2 men’s scores and the top two women’s scores will be used to calculate their respective Tribe score for the week.
  • Athlete results from all categories, with the exception of: Masters 50+, Scaled and Team, will be eligible for the top Tribe results each week.
  • For the Qualifiers you do not create a Team of 3. There are only 2 things to do:
    • Register for a category
    • Join your Tribe
  • If you missed joining your Tribe during Registration, or if you missed making a Tribe during registration, email and they will look after your requests.
  • And when all else fails, read the instructions if you are having any difficulty with the registration process. Registration Instructions


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